Effortless access to the information you need, in near-real time, for an optimized patient care process.

CYBX connects your entire health care organization & partner systems in a fully digital & compliant information flow so your teams can focus on what counts: delivering the best care.

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Increase your team’s care velocity

Say goodbye to faxes. Hello to seamless information flow for a streamlined care process.

CYBX TRNZT framework is the next generation data connectivity platform that you need. Our solution enables your healthcare team to spend more time on what they love and do best, delivering the best health care at any stage in the patient journey, while we focus on the infrastructure of fast and seamless data delivery.

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Seamless, live collaboration between care teams

Exchanging relevant information between care teams in near real time keeps you focused on the patient. Access and share relevant information - from patient demographics and medications, to progress notes and prescription information, across your entire healthcare organization & partner facilities for a streamlined care process

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Exchange your data in a way that’s secure and fully compliant

Our solution meets compliance standards across the healthcare industry and does NOT store patient personal information. Instead, we encrypt data from Source to Destination.

BHS (Behavioral Health Solutions)

Provide Interoperability and Information Management in Behavioral Care

BHS (Behavioral Health Solutions) is a fast-growing, multi-state, multi-practice behavior health company with HQ in Henderson, NV. The company provides remote patient support in SNF’s and ACO’s.


Solving Continuity of Care with eCare21

eCare21 is an industry leader in virtual care providing an end-to-end solution spanning the healthcare ecosystem to improve the management of chronic patient conditions remotely.

CYBX is Certified with Google Cloud.

CYBX helps you adapt to the latest updates in interoperability compliance

“We have seen major productivity improvements since adopting this solution, It helps our staff, as well as clinical personnel in the facilities, who otherwise would use fax and email to manually update data between the two systems.”
Debbie Leone, Chief Operating Officer of BHS
“It is critical that physicians working in the long-term and post-acute care setting have efficient access to patient health data across the care continuum,” “We are pleased that CYBX can now offer this interoperability solution.”
Chris Beekman, Director of Marketplace for PointClickCare.


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